The Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine (URCRM) is a governmental organization subordinated to the Federal Office of Medical-Biological Issues and Emergencies at the Russian Federation Health Ministry. It is based in the city of Chelyabinsk, South Urals. The URCRM was established on the basis of Branch 4 of Biophysics Institute (FIB-4), the USSR Health Ministry.

Prof. Alexander Akleyev

MD, PhD, Honoured Science Worker of the Russian Federation.

Since 1955 Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine (URCRM) has been providing health services for the population affected by low dose rate radiation exposure due to radiation accidents at the Mayak Production Association (Mayak PA) (discharges of radioactive wastes into the Techa River, explosion of the radioactive waste storage and formation of the East Urals Radioactive Trace (EURT), etc.) and has been conducting research to provide radiation safety for the population.

Mailing address

  • URCRM, 68-A Vorovsky Street, Chelyabinsk 454076, Russia

Phones, Emails, Fax

  • +7 (351) 232-79-14
  • +7 (351) 232-79-13