The Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine (URCRM) is a governmental organization subordinated to the Federal Office of Medical-Biological Issues and Emergencies at the Russian Federation Health Ministry. It is based in the city of Chelyabinsk, South Urals. The URCRM was established on the basis of Branch 4 of Biophysics Institute (FIB-4), the USSR Health Ministry.

The URCRM’s priority tasks are to provide health services for the population exposed due to radiation incidents at Mayak Production Association (MPA), and conduct studies of long-term health effects of radiation exposure on that population.

The URCRM consists of 6 research departments: Clinical Physiology Laboratory, Epidemiology Laboratory, Biophysics Laboratory, Department of Environmental Studies, Experimental Department, Regional Center for the National Radiation-Epidemiology Registry. The Center has a clinical department for 50 beds. Every year 550 patients are admitted to the clinic; out-patient assistance is rendered to over 1 400 people. The URCRM personnel is currently numbering 140 people of whom 28 are scientific staff, including 1 professor, 3 doctors of medicine, and 10 candidates of science.

The URCRM’s data base comprising medical and dosimetric data provides informational support to the organization of health services for exposed people and analysis of long-term radiation effects. The information accumulated in the DB is used for conducting epidemiological studies of the exposed population (migration, birth rate, death rate and causes of death, genetic effects, etc.) aimed at assessment of risk of effects from chronic radiation exposure at low doses.