Major lines of research

  • External and internal exposure dose reconstruction in population of the Urals region affected by radiation due to operations of Mayak PA.
  • Monitoring 90Sr и 137Cs radionuclide content in man.
  • Elaboration of dose calculation methods, including in utero exposure.
  • Application of methods of EPR and luminescence dosimetry for dose estimation.
  • Calculation of doses to ichthyofauna of the contaminated water bodies of the Urals region.

International Collaboration

  • Russian–American program JCCRER: Project 1.1 Improvement of the Techa river dosimetry system.
  • Russian–European integrating project SOLO: Validation of the dosimetry system TRDS-2009 with the use of EPR and Luminescence methods; Internal dosimetry of in utero exposed individuals.

Guidance documents

  • Methodical recommendations Cumulative dose reconstruction in population residing in the Techa river basin and in the area of ‘Mayak’ PA radiation accident of 1957.
  • Methodical recommendations Assessment of statistical errors of the dose reconstruction method in population exposed on the Techa river.

Monitoring the radionuclide body burden in man

In 1974 unique human radiation spectrometer WBC-9.1 was designed for the measurement of 90Sr and 137Cs content in residents of the Urals Region. More than 38 thousand measurements of more than 20 thousand people were performed with WBC within the period from 1974 till 1997 (including the population residing in the Techa river settlements and on the territory of EURT, and also Mayak PA personnel and clean-up workers of Chernobyl radiation accident). In 2006 certification of WBC-9.1М was completed and the measurements of 90Sr and 137Cs content in residents of the Urals region were renewed.

Special equipment and software


  • Marina Degteva, PhD (Radiation Protection), Head of the laboratory
  • Evgeniya Tolstykh, PhD (Biology), senior researcher
  • Marina Vorobyova, PhD (Ecology), senior researcher
  • Nikolay Bugrov,  PhD (Radiation Protection), senior researcher
  • Elena Shishkina, PhD (Ecology), researcher
  • Alexandra Volchkova, PhD (Radiation Protection), researcher
  • Raisa Mikusheva, senior technician
  • Elena Tokareva, junior researcher
  • Victor Krivoshchapov, junior researcher