Scope of the research

  1. Analysis of the status of the population exposed on the Techa river and their offspring.
  2. Analysis of the impact of non-radiation factors, that accompany radiation exposure, on the health status of exposed persons, and their offspring.
  3. Application of methods of biodosimetry and bioindication of radiation exposure.
  4. Analysis of genetic effects of radiation in offspring of the population affected by chronic radiation exposure.
  5. Study of the predisposition of man to potential radiation health effects based on the analysis of radiation biomarkers (including genetic ones) and biomarkers of radiation effects.
  6. Development of methods of individualized assessment of radiation health effects risk in man.


  • Alexandra Vozilova – Head of the laboratory, PhD (Biology)
  • Oksana Khudyakova – researcher
  • Georgiy Dimov – researcher, PhD in Medical Sciences
  • Nelli Yevtushenko – researcher, PhD in Medical Sciences
  • Tatyana Markina – junior researcher, PhD (Biology)
  • Yana Pilnikova – junior researcher
  • Zoya Sychenko – senior laboratory technician
  • Irina Chikireva - senior laboratory technician
  • Nadezhda Litvinenko - senior laboratory technician
  • Fariza Shafikova – senior technician
  • Evgeniya Blinova – researcher, PhD (Biology)
  • Yuliya Akhmadullina – laboratory technician
  • Elena Pastukhova – junior researcher, PhD (Biology)
  • Nelli Kadyrova – junior researcher