The goal and scope of the research

Study of radiation situation on the territories exposed to radioactive contamination due to radiation accidents (radioactive contamination of the Techa river, East Urals Radioactive Trace, Karachayev Radioactive Trace).


  • sampling of water, bottom sediments, soil, vegetation and food stuffs on the contaminated territories;
  • determination and measurement of man-made and natural radionuclides in samples;
  • study of migration, exchange and transformation processes of radionuclide compounds in the environment;
  • investigation of the radionuclide body intake through trophic chains;
  • development of measures aimed at rehabilitation of contaminated territories;
  • assessment of the efficiency of the implemented protective and sanitary-hygienic measures;
  • elaboration of the models of the major dose-forming radionuclide behavior in the environment;
  • forecasting the development of radiation situations;
  • research into the self-purification processes of environmental media from long-lived man-made radionuclides;
  • development and maintenance of databases on radionuclide content in environmental media.


  • Sergey Andreyev – Candidate of Biological Sciences, Head of the department
  • Lyudmila Peremyslova – leading researcher
  • Nina Kazachyonok – Candidate of Biological Sciences, senior researcher
  • Irina Popova – senior researcher
  • Aleksey Kopelov – senior engineer
  • Galina Polyanchikova – senior engineer
  • Viktor Melnikov – junior researcher
  • Dmitriy Usoltsev – senior engineer
  • Kirill Konovalov – engineer
  • Gaynitdin Satdikov – senior technician
  • Galina Rossinskaya – senior laboratory technician
  • Lyubov Podshivalova – laboratory technician
  • Tamara Serebrennikova – laboratory technician