Environmental Pathopsychology Laboratory established in 2009 is a structural unit of Clinical Department.

The goal and scope of the research

The laboratory studies the status of mental health and social-psychological problems of the population exposed to radiation as a result of the activities of MayakPA.


  1. Research and analysis into the status of mental health of the population and their offspring affected by ionizing radiation due to the activities of Mayak PA.
  2. Analysis of the impact of the non-radiation factors that accompany the exposure on the status of mental and psychosomatic health of people affected by radiation exposure, and their offspring.
  3. Development and introduction of treatment and rehabilitation programs aimed at correction of the psychological status of the exposed population
  4. Analysis and risk assessment of psychogenetic radiation effects in offspring of the population affected by chronic radiation exposure.
  5. Monitoring and modeling of social-psychological situation on the radioactively contaminated territories.
  6. Development of a complex system directed to provide psychological-psychiatric assistance in case of radiation accidents.


  • Elena Burtovaya – head of the laboratory, PhD in Medical Sciences, psychiatrist, psychotherapist
  • Mariya Belova – junior researcher, psychologist
  • Irina Kunitsyna – laboratory technician, psychologist