Epidemiology laboratory was established in 1991.

The goal and scope of the research

Research into medical effects of chronic exposure in man on the basis of epidemiological analysis of the radiation exposure effects in population residing in the Techa riverside villages and on the territory of East Urals Radioactive Trace (EURT). Participation in the organization of the follow up system and constant renewal of the information on vital status, cancer incidence and mortality of the exposed population who have resided or are residing on the radioactively contaminated territories.

Head of the Laboratory

From 1991 to 2001 the laboratory was headed by Mira Kossenko, MD.

From the year 2002 the head of the laboratory is Ludmila Krestinina, Candidate of Medical Sciences


  • Ludmila Mikryukova – researcher, Candidate of Medical Sciences;
  • Stanislav Silkin – junior researcher;
  • Yuriy Kharyuzov – junior researcher;
  • Svetlana Yepifanova – senior engineer;
  • Larisa Sitnikova – engineer;
  • Alla Perevyazkina - engineer;
  • Yelena Yershova – senior laboratory technician;
  • Nina Nefyodova - senior laboratory technician;
  • Olga Kazakova – technician.