The goal and objectives

Studies of the response of biological systems to the influence of natural and man-made factors in the natural environment and on the basis of experimental models.

The scope of the research

  • Scientific and research projects in the sphere of radiobiology, toxicology and ecology.
  • Study of theoretical and applied issues of ecotoxicology.
  • Initial selection of radioprotectors.
  • Pre-clinical studies of safety and effectiveness of pharmacological products.
  • Sanitary-epidemiological, hygienic, toxicological examinations.
  • State regulation and in-process ecological control of the aquatic ecosystem status.
  • Monitoring the status of the aquatic ecosystems, including those of radioactively contaminated special industrial reservoirs of the Mayak PA.


  • Evgeniy Pryakhin, PhD (Biology), Head of Experimental Department
  • Galina Tryapitsina, PhD (Biology), senior researcher
  • Irina Kolomiets, PhD (Biology), senior researcher
  • Nadezhda Obvintseva, researcher
  • Svetlana Tarasova, junior researcher
  • Natalya Atamanyuk, researcher
  • Denis Osipov, senior researcher
  • Elena Styazhkina, junior researcher
  • Evgeniy Yegoreychenkov, junior researcher
  • Yekaterina Bukatich, junior researcher
  • Olga Osipova, senior laboratory technician
  • Natalya Mogilnikova, senior laboratory technician