Chelyabinsk Regional Interdepartmental Expert Councilon establishing causal relationship between diseases, disability and death of the citizens that were affected by radiation factors.

Expert Council on establishing causal relationship between disease, disability, death of the individuals with radiation exposure was established by the Decision of the Government Commission of the USSR in 1988. In 1990 Chelyabinsk Interdepartmental Expert Council was established.  It consisted of the specialists from Branch №4 of the Biophysics Institute (currently Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine of FMBA of Russia) and personnel of the Chelyabinsk Regional Hospital. Since 1st January, 2009, Chelyabinsk Interdepartmental Expert Council has been working at the premises of URCRM. In order to apply to the Chelyabinsk Interdepartmental Expert Council for the decision of the issue of causal relationship between disease, disability, death and exposure to radiation factors individuals should meet the following criteria: be a citizen of the RF, be a resident of the Urals Federal District and belong to either of the groups, enumerated bellow: 

  • Exposed population (Techa river, EURT)
  • Clean-up workers of Mayak PA radiation accident
  • Clean-up workers of Chernobyl radiation accident
  • Participants of Special Risk Units
  • Mayak PA workers
  • Offspring of all the groups of exposed persons.