Radiation Biology Sub-Faculty was established on 10th March, 1998 together with the organization of the Department of Biology in Chelyabinsk State University. All these years Radiation Biology Sub-Faculty has been successfully operating with the lead of Professor Alexander Akleyev.

Radiation Biology Sub-Faculty functions at the premises of Urals Research Center for Radiation Medicine (URCRM). In accordance with State Educational Standard of the Higher Professional Education the sub-faculty offers Bachelor’s degree program in two profiles Genetics and Biophysics and Master’s degree program in Radiation biology and Genetics. All the graduate and postgraduate training is research-oriented, and gives excellent opportunities of easy access to the latest equipment and expert advice.

Radiation Biology Sub-faculty covers the whole spectrum of modern disciplines in the sphere of radiobiology and genetics. Students, candidates for a Master’s degree and PhD candidates undergo internship, prepare term papers, graduate thesis and dissertations directly at the departments and laboratories of URCRM with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative research techniques.

The staff of the sub-faculty as well as postgraduate and graduate students are involved in scientific investigations, performed in URCRM, and take an active part in international symposia, devoted to the issues of chronic radiation exposure, that are held by URCRM.

The scope of Radiation Biology Sub-Faculty research activity is substantial, involving: study of mechanisms of response to radiation exposure at the cellular, subcellular, tissue, organ and organismic level (in real situations of population exposure and in animal experiments); late medical-biological effects of chronic radiation exposure; bioindication and biodosimetry of radiation exposure; medical-biological effects of in utero exposure; genetic radiation effects; research into the radiation effect on animals and plants in natural environment and in experiments.

Leading scholars from Russian and foreign universities and research institutes are invited to deliver lectures to the students of the sub-faculty: Dr. D. Hoffman, professor, University of Washington, USA; Dr. Т. Tomas, PhD, NCI, USA; Dr. D. Preston, professor, RERF, Japan; Dr. M. Repacholi, professor, WHO Department of Radiation Research; Dr. I.I. Pelevina, professor, PhD in Biological Sciences, Institute of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow); Dr. A. K. Guskova, MD, PhD, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, State Science Center “Institute of Biophysics”; Dr. S. Ivanov, professor, NCI USA; Dr. A.N. Grebenyuk, professor, MD, PhD, Kirov Military Medical Academy (Saint Petersburg).

Radiation Biology Sub-faculty makes significant contributions to society – regionally, nationally and internationally – through the fruits of the research. The results of the scientific investigations conducted by Sub-faculty’s teaching and research staff are published in Russia and worldwide: in the USA, England, Germany, Japan, Austria, Italy.

Sub-faculty’s graduates work in major Russian and foreign research establishments, in laboratories of health care institutions, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Russian consumer protection agency “Rospotrebnadzor”, Federal Service of Russia on Hydrometeorology and monitoring of the Environment “Rosgidromet”, industrial enterprises, and also work as lecturers in higher ducational establishments, colleges and schools.


  • Department chair: Alexander Akleyev, PhD, MD, professor, honoured science worker of the RF (radiobiology, immunology)
  • Professor: Galina Tryapitsyna, PhD (radiobiology)
  • Assistant professor: Sergey Shalaginov, PhD (genetics,radiobiology)
  • Assistant professor: Elena Pastukhova, PhD (radiobiology)
  • Assistant professor: Evgeniya Blinova, PhD (radiobiology)
  • Lecturer: Yuliya Akhmadullina
  • Lecturer: Anna Timkova
  • Teaching Assistant: Nelli Kadyrova