1. Medical examination, treatment and rehabilitation of the population exposed to radiation at the Techa riverside villages and in the territory of the Eastern Urals Radioactive Trace and their offspring.

  2. Health evaluation and determination of causal relationship between diseases, disability, death and radiation.

  3. Research of late health consequences in population exposed to radiation including risk assessment of genetic and cancer effects.

  4. Dynamic assessment of health status of radiation-exposed people and their offspring.

  5. Research of mental health and socio-psychological problems of population exposed to radiation.

  6. Research of pathophysiological mechanisms of deterministic effects caused by chronic radiation exposure to human body.

  7. Research of consistent patterns in the radiation situation and intake of radionuclides with food.

  8. Retrospective biological indication and biological dosimetry of chronic radiation exposure.

  9. Reconstruction of radiation doses in population of the Urals region.

  10. Research of influence of anthropogenic factors (including radiation) on biological systems.

  11. Design and creation of medical, dosimetric and radiation-hygienic data bases and data banks.

  12. Training of students of Chelyabinsk State University (radiobiology, environmental protection, radiation medicine, genetics, etc.).

  13. Public communication on consequences of radiation accidents.